Brand new 12V CDI ignition coil to fit:


Honda CBX 550 F C-D (1982-1983).

Honda CBX 550 F2 C-D (1982-1983).


The Ignition coil is to replace an original coil on a Honda CBX550 F and F2 models. It has 100mm mounting points and 2 spade connectors with Japaense manufactured, Hitachi HT leads. 


It replaces either of the original coils. The part number it repalces should be 30506-MA6-003. If you're having spark issues with your CBX550 then it's a no brainer to get some new coils on there. These are high quality coils and you'll no longer need to run a ballast resistor in the system so you can bypass this. You'll get an improved spark even on coils that are not knackered just by doing this.

Ignition Coil Honda CBX550 CBX 550 (1982-1983)


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