Brand new 12V CDI ignition coil to fit:


Kawasaki GPZ 1100 (ZX1100) A1-A3 (1983-1985).


The Ignition coil is to be an upgrade on either of the originals on a Kawasaki GPZ1100 with OEM 21121-1038 or 21121-1039. It has 100mm mounting points and 2 spade connectors. 


If you're having spark issues with your GPZ 1100 A then you should certainly think about upgrading your coils from the standard 2 ohm primary coils and running a resistor. With these coils you'll no longer need to run a resistor in the system. We used to sell the standard 2 ohm like for like replacement coils but the spark was inferior to using these coils and bypassing the resistor so we don't stock the standard 2 ohm primary coil anymore. Give your GPZ1100 the spark it's always deserved!


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Ignition Coil Kawasaki GPZ1100 GPZ 1100 (1983-1985)


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