Brand New ignition coil to fit:


Kawasaki (K) Z 500 (1979-1980) B1-B2.


The Ignition coil has been specifically designed to upgrade the original coils Kawasaki Z500 or KZ500 and it's sometimes known. It is a 12V CDI, has 100mm mounting points and 2 spade connectors. It is a high quality coil so you'll no longer need to run a resistor in the system if you get a pair of these fitted. We don't even sell the standard 2 ohm primary coils anymore, as the spark is inferior to fitting these and bypassing the resistor. So give your Kawasaki Z500 the spark it deserves!


The coil pack replaces either 21121-1010 or 21121-1011. 

Ignition Coil Kawasaki Z500 Z 500 (1979-1980)

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