2 Brand New 12V CDI ignition coils to fit:


Yamaha XJ 750 (1982-1984) (UK MODELS ONLY).


This ignition coil has been manufactured to replace the original set of coils 4H7-82310-61 and 4H7-82320-61 on an XJ750 for the above years and models. The original XJ750 coils are now all almost 40 years old so if you're looking for a better spark on your XJ750, upgrading the coils is definitely a good place to start. 


90mm from centre to centre mounting, with 2 HT leads and 2 spade connectors. Please check that your mounting is 90mm prior to purchasing as we also have 100mm mounting available. 

Ignition Coil 1 and 2 Yamaha XJ750 XJ 750 (1982-1984)


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